Welcome to WattsUp Racing

There is no worse feeling then arriving to a race after many hours of training feeling under prepared and lacking confidence. Setting goals and following a process is integral for any racer aiming to hit their peak. Defining objectives is the first step, determining the process is the next and far more critical.

To fulfill the seemingly insatiable urge to compete that many have, effective training is a necessity. Challenging your limits will forever be a part of the process of training. However, one must remember that anyone can train hard. More importantly, training smart is the defining variable between achieving goals and not.

That's where WattsUp Racing comes in; a distinct program relative to regular classes at WattsUp. From November to March our aim is to build upon the foundation of your competitive aspirations. We want to design a plan that is geared towards racing. With this program we can give you a competitive edge.

This is not a "make or break" racing preparation package. Rather, it is designed to be an engaging platform whereby a group can prepare for an upcoming race season with collective optimism.

Using proven resources at WattsUp's comprehensive training facility we are confident that training with us this winter can be the start of something extraordinary in 2014.



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